Master React. Unleash Your Design Superpower.

A React course tailored for user interface designers

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  • Understand the constraints of React, design accordingly (What is React?)
  • Stop waiting for developers, tweak the styles yourself
  • Hand off assets that your developers love
  • Empower your design with code, push back when they say it can’t be done
  • Design with code, turbocharge your creativity
  • Bring your design to life with your own hands

What will be in the course?

The main goal of this course is to give you a firm understanding of the fundamentals, capability and limitations of React and how they relate to design. I think the most effective way to achieve this goal is to actually build something with React – with hands-on experience in implementing modern, realistic user interfaces, you’ll be able to understand developers’ jargon a lot more deeply, compared to, for example, learning about the terms in an article, or over a lunch-and-learn session.

Some tentative topics include:

  • Fundamentals
    • React fundamentals
    • UI fundamentals: Layout, styling etc.
  • Build realistic prototypes (mobile apps)
  • Build realistic prototypes (web)
  • Design with code

But I’m a designer, why should I learn coding?

I encourage you to check out this post to hear other designers’ opinions.

Learning to code will help you become better at design. Armed with a better understanding of how things work, you will find the communication with developers much more efficient. Your design ideas would be more convincing and more respected. You can even design with code.

New skills you learn will open new doors. Trust me, it will be a new world of creativity!

So where can I download / sign up for the course?

It’s still at a very early stage. I plan to gradually develop the course content over a few months. So you are practically witnessing the birth of a brand new course! It’s a good opportunity to have your influence on creating a great resource for the entire design community. Shoot me an email, I’m all ears!

What should I know before taking this course?

You should have some base knowledge of programming, be familiar with HTML and CSS, and can read and edit JavaScript code. If you don’t, no worries! There are many great resources for you to pick them up, for example, Treehouse’s JavaScript courses, or Khan Academy’s Intro to JS: Drawing & Animation.

If you strongly feel that the course should include base programming topics such as JavaScript basics, tell me!

Who will teach the course?

Me for now. I’m a full-stack developer who’s learning design. I’ve been working on mobile since 2007 and React Native since 2015. I’ve authored a course about Android animation at Treehouse, and a course on Material Design with React Native on Lynda (in production). I also contribute to React Navigation project.

Is this about ReactJS or React Native?

There might be some confusion about the difference between the two. The good news is that they are both called “React” for a reason. Once you learn the fundamental concepts, it will be straightforward to use it for the web (ReactJS), mobile (React Native), Sketch (React, or ReactXYZ.

At least at the beginning, I will focus on teaching React fundamentals with minimal setup requirements. Afterwards, I’ll consider to branch into web, mobile or other platforms depending on the demand.

What do you think? Email me if you have any suggestions!

Thanks a lot for your interest!


My special thanks to these fantastic folks who have given me invaluable help, inspiration and encouragement (sorted by last name): J. Terrell Allen, Jovana Andjelkovic, Olafur Breidfjord, Jinju Jang, Antti Kareinen, Sure Lee , Rutuja Rasam, Ben Pepin, Arjun Phlox, Toby Silverman, Brittany Smart, Jeffery Vaska, Jerry Wang, Beebee Ye, Justin Ziccardi

Shoot me a reminder when the course is ready: